Chukde Spices Barik Saunf (Small Fennel Seeds) 100g

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  • Whole Spice: fennel seeds dominate most of the cooking preparations to bring out the pronounced and refreshing flavours. The seed spice is a must-have in your kitchen owing to the abundant nutritional value it holds
  • Taste Profile: the flavourful, crunchy Saunf has a refreshing aroma and strong flavour
  • Health & Wellness: Chuk De Barik Saunf offer impressive health benefits. Saunf has an excellent amount of dietary fibres that helps to boosts metabolism and is widely used as a remedy for indigestion in traditional medicines
  • Nutritional Facts: fennel seed is considered to have minerals, calcium, vitamin C, magnesium and iron in abundance and thus, has been considered beneficial for the body
  • Product Specifications: the FSSAI registered spice by Chuk-De is available in 100 g pack


Uplifting Taste Buds Since 2012…

Established in the late 70s, Life Style Foods Pvt. Ltd. is a family-owned & operated business. Strong values of integrity and honesty are the DNA that drives our organization. We founded Chuk-De as spice label that represents our passion for Quality Produce, Genuine Products & Wholesome Goodness. Our Mission is to sustain the cultural richness & diversity associated with real spices along with upholding standards for purity, social impact & holistic wellness. Our products are sourced ethically, in a socially-responsible manner. Transparent in our business practices, we take pride in connecting customers with farms that bring us healthy spices. We now cover a wide spectrum of spices, ranging from Whole Spices, Pure Spices, and Blended Spices, to Ready-to-Cook Spices & Spice Mixes. We are also bringing Pure Condiments, Instant Mixes & Curry Pastes/Powders to a kitchen like yours.

Chuk-De: What Makes Us Different…Makes Us Better!

We have taken the richness of an Indian spice box to global shores. Years of constant pursuit for quality means we handpick spice-growing regions and farms. Hospitality sector businesses love us for the hygiene standards we maintain across the procurement, production and delivery processes. Online retail platforms vouch for the purity standards since we fumigate every spice & clean via state-of-the-art machinery. With every Chuk-De spice undergoing rigorous 27 Quality Tests before being packed, mothers managing household kitchens and chefs supervising commercial kitchens feel assured about Chuk-De for delivering authentic spices.

Aromatic Purity | High Natural Oil Content

One Hub for Essential, Medicinally Recommended, Rare & Exotic Spices

In-house ETO Sterilization Unit | Multi Colour Sortex

NO Salmonella & Aflatoxin | NO Fillers / Synthetics / Artificial Ingredients

Smart Distribution Model | Delivering Fresh-from-factory Spices

Culinary Uses of Fennel Seeds!

Culinary Uses of Fennel Seeds!

Chuk De Barik Saunf has potent and highly aromatic flavours that awaken the taste buds

Fennel is a versatile spice that is widely used as a flavouring agent in most of the dishes

It can be used in meat and fish dishes and apart from this barik saunf (powered) can also be used in ice cream, beverages, and baked goods to add the vegetal flavour

This flavourful herb can be used both raw and cooked, in pasta, salads, and traditional vegetable dishes

Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness

Fennel holds excellent medicinal values and is considered highly effective when having digestive ailments and respiratory problems

Fennel Seeds are also known to boost metabolism. It helps to ease the pain caused by stones and acts as a digestive aid as well. The fennel seeds are often taken to reduce bad breath

Kick-start your metabolism with Fennel Seed Tea, which is are highly nutritious and has the potential to detoxify your body and boost the immunity

Fennel may have antibacterial properties that can help to reduce the growth of potentially harmful bacteria

Cooking with Chuk De Barik Saunf


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Chukde Spices Barik Saunf (Small Fennel Seeds) 100g

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