Wearing Face Masks in the Time of Covid-19 in India

COVID-19 spreads mainly from person to person through respiratory droplets. Respiratory droplets move into the air when you cough, sneeze, talk, shout. These droplets can then land in the mouths or noses of people who are around you and they may breathe these droplets in. You should wear face masks, even if you do not feel sick. The main function of wearing a mask is to protect those around you, in case you are infected but not showing symptoms. It is especially important to wear a mask when you are unable to stay at least 6 feet apart from others since COVID-19 spreads mainly among people who are in close contact with one another. 

Masks available on Etpsonline are a lifesaver. These Masks are For Individual Use Only, Not To Be Shared With Others To Prevent Contamination. These Face Masks are Great For Protecting Your Airways From: 

  • Dust,
  • Allergens, 
  • Chemicals And Smoke.

Wear These Face Masks From Etpsonline, as they Help You to Breathe Easily And Stay Germ-Free. 

Subhag V Safe Premium Copper Mask Made Of Pure Copper Reusable Washable And Self Sanitizing

Wearing Face Masks in the Time of Covid-19 in India
  • Office Goers Will Be Comfortable To Wear V Safe As Compared To The Commercially Available Masks.
  • V Safe Eliminates The Risk Of Inhaling Our Aspirational CO2 Which Happens When We Wear A Mask For Long Duration
  • V Safe With The Copper Frame Will Be Ideal To Protect Oneself And Also The Frame With The Fabric Masks Will Help Save His / Her Family From The Spread Of Infection By Preventing Spread Of Virus As Aerosol While Sneezing By Person Who Have Symptoms / Infection.
  • V Safe Allows Easy Access To Breathing And Speaking While At Work.

Cotton Unisex 3 -Ply Self Masks (Made In India)

  • Care Instructions: Dry Clean Only
  • Key Features Are: 3-Layer Filtration System, Helps To Block Harmful Dust Particles & Droplets.
  •  Anti-Pollution, Anti-Dust.
  • Reusable, Wider Face Coverage For Maximum Protection, Soft Elastic Ear Loops, Lightweight And Breathable, Unifit: Fits All Face Types.

How To Use The Mask:


  • 1: Wash/Sanitize Your Hands Before Touching Mask. 
  • 2: Wear The Mask By Holding Ear Straps Only; Do Not Touch The Surface.
  • 3: Pull The Side Straps And Secure Them Behind Ears.
  • 4: Mask Should Cover Your Mouth, Nose, And Chin – Spread Open The Mask If Needed.
  • 5: Remove Mask Using Your Ear Straps, Do Not Touch Surface.
  • 6: Wash The Mask With Any Disinfectant Liquid After Every Use.
  • 7: Sanitize Your Hands After Touching Mask.

How To Care For Your Mask:


1: Lay Your Mask On Flat Surface

2: Hold Mask On One Edge And Set The Pleats From Side Edges.

3: Start To Iron From One Edge So That The Pleats Set In-Do Not Iron On Elastic Loop.

Etpsonline cares for their customer and wants them to stay healthy and fit. Hence these breathable, trendy yet comfortable face masks are made available on our website at affordable prices. These masks are simple yet attractive and can go on any outfit you wear. So come along and check our website for more such trendy yet safe masks.

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