The Challenges one can face with the Bad Body Posture

From head to toe, there are a number of ways in which prolonged bad body posture can be detrimental to your long term health.

A forward-leaning head can trigger the muscles under your chin to strain and overwork. This can cause popping in your jaw, which can lead to difficulty in opening your mouth during eating. This is often accompanied by pain in the jaw and neck. Unhealthy postural habits can make your diaphragm compress, restricting the rib cage, and causing a reduction in your lung capacity. Shallow breathing and reduced energy directly contribute to lowering your overall productivity. Spasms and bouts of headaches can be commonly traced back to bad body posture. Nerves tend to tense up and the muscles in your head start accumulating stress leading to the constant throbbing in the head.

More often than not, both lower and upper back pain can be factored down to poor posture. Prolonged pain in your back can eventually turn chronic, leading to lowering of your quality of life. The Noise ColorFit Nav comes with customizable reminders to ensure that you do not stay in a bad sitting position for too long. Your rotator cuffs connect your upper arm to the shoulder. Any strain, weakness, or soreness that may be a result of poor posture can lead to imbalances and pain in rotator cuff tendons. Muscles tend to impinge which can gradually cause tears and serious injury.

3 easy ways to improve daily posture

Though the problems created by a lazy posture are many, it is not difficult to rectify them with simple lifestyle changes and smart additions to your regime.


While you do not need to sweat it out for hours together at the gym, consistent low-intensity workouts are great to keep your posture in check. Incorporate a series of stretches that you can perform daily.

Purposefully timed, light hip thrusts every few hours can help if you have to stay seated through long work commitments. Shoulder blade squeezes, tiptoe stretches, upper body extensions and arm-cross-chest pulls are all effective remedies to dissipate any posture-related discomfort.


Technology and smart wearables are paving the way for the future of medical science. From devices you can wear on your back and shoulder, to smart wrist bands and smartwatches – wearables are here to assist.

MedicationSuch accessories can monitor your posture and send alerts upon being in a hazardous position for too long. Bluetooth smartwatches are frontrunners, with a number of features that complement a healthy and active lifestyle. Customizable and sedentary reminders are only a part of the deal; you get the opportunity to track your workouts and monitor your health in a holistic manner.


Though the general mood of skepticism towards medication prevails, over the counter drugs that assist in pain relief aren’t always heavy on long term side effects. Chances are you may have a deficiency of a particular vitamin or mineral, which the right medical supplements can provide.

However it is always a good idea to consult a professional medical expert before you decide to take any kind of medication.

Following are some herbal medications:

Tanvi Ointment Pain Relief Balm

Tanvi Herbals Tanvi Tila Pain Oil

Deemark Dard Mukti Oil (200ml)

Deemark Ortho Oil (100 Ml)

By being mindful of your daily routine and lifestyle Etpsonline helps you by keeping all posture related problems at bay, fostering a healthier you.

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