The Best Effortless And Time-Saving Portable Smoothie Blender

Blenders/juicers are the most essential part of kitchen appliances. Not only mothers get to use them, but gym-goers, healthy eaters also need a hand blender to make their smoothie to stay fit. Etpsonline tries to make their customer’s lives easy, by providing us with such easy-peasy devices that make our life smooth and less time-consuming. This Portable Smoothie Blender is one such Built-In Stainless Steel Blade, Effortless And Time-Saving, One Key Operation, Convenient To Use, with a Juicer Cup Body And you know what the Bottom Can Be Separated For Easy Clean too.

 Portable Smoothie Blender

4-Blade Rechargeable Fruit Juicer

  • Small In Size:- Portable And Multi-Use, Can be Used As Common Cup And Juice Blender.
  • Can Mix Kinds Of Fruit And Vegetables.
  • Healthy And Environmentally-Friendly, Use New And Nontoxic PP/PC Material.
  • Safety Double Asfety Protection Switch, And Charge/Discharge Protection.
  • Quick Speed Can Make A Cup Of Juice Within 1 Minute.
  • Can Repeat Use When Fully Charged And Easy For Charge When Battery Used Up

Here are some key features of this incredible product:


One-Button Operation, Automatic Shutdown After the 40s. Convenient Operation Allows You To Get Juice Quickly And You Can Clean It Easily After The Juice Is Finished. The Detachable Bottle Means You Can Clean Every Corner Of The Juicer.


We Truly Care About Your Customer Experience And, Your Product Experience. We Are Dedicated To Your Complete Satisfaction. If You Have Any Question Or Problem With Our Service Or Products, Please Feel Free To Contact Us.


Upgraded Version, Big Capacity Personal Smoothie Maker Allows You Can Take It Anywhere. The Detachable Bottom Of The Cup Is Easy To Carry Outdoors, So You Can Enjoy Your Favorite Juice On Camping Trip, Vacation, And Even The Gym.


Our Compact Lightweight Blender Is Ideal For Tucking Into A Gym Sack, Briefcase, Or Purse. So You Always Have A Healthy Option Wherever You Are. At 3 X 3 X 9 Inches, This Cordless Travel Blender Is Easy To Store When Not In Use. This Smoothie Blender Can Crush Ice, Frozen Fruits, Seeds, Stem, Vegetable Very Well, And Get Delicious Silky Smoothies Shakes All In 20 Seconds.

Etpsonline has one of the most asked handy devices that make your life easy and less time-consuming. So hurry up and go visit our website for more.

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