Plunge Into Pleasant Skin Indulgence With these Beautiful Bath essentials.


Etpsonline aims to deliver the products not only, with rare, unheard of ingredients but also formulations that are safe, trustable, and well foreseen to understand the needs of modern-day folks. We deal with traditional ancient techniques of macerations, fermentations, double boiling, steam distillations, to get our extracts for your healthy skin.

We make most of our extracts with one of these methods to extract the decided product, with the knowledge and aim in the precision of the product and its effects kept safely in our hands.

Etpsonline aims to make a difference. A difference which was away from being too mechanically modern in product i.e. 

  • Giving products like triclosan,
  • butylated hydroxytoluene, 
  • phthalates, 
  • formaldehyde, 
  • ethoxy cinnamate, 
  • silicones etc. 

Your skin eats! It literally does when you apply, soak, rinse or literally do anything or/on it. Because in evolution it has learned to absorb molecules that mimic a natural molecule, and most of these stated molecules do exactly that. And therefore, through the skin they enter the endocrine system, bloodstreams, getting stored in fats, etc. We, Etpsonline, have sensibly carved out these mimicking molecules and used refined natural products like Butylated hydroxytoluene. We recommend products that contain 

  • Rosemary oleoresin or 
  • Vitamin E for phthalates 

(which is a plasticizer used sensibly by some brands on our website under trademarked products) natural oils and their derivatives e.g. 

  • oleic acids,
  • plant cholesterols, 
  • plant sterols, etc.

Etpsonline aims to deliver the products not only with rare unheard of ingredients but also formulations which are safe, trusted, and well foreseen to understand the need of modern-day men and women.

Bergamot & Raw Sandal Deep Moisture Replenishing Bath & Shower Oil.

Plunge Into A Pleasant & Comforting Warmth With This Beautiful Bath Time Indulgence. With A Nutty & Vanilla Orchid Fragrance, This Deep Moisture Replenishing Bath And Shower Oil Are Good For Soothing And Calming Irritated Skin. We Are On A Mission To Replace Your Body Lotion-Forever. Why? Well, Lotion Is Just Oil & Water Held Together By An Emulsifier & It Needs To Be Preserved Because It Is 60-70% Water. The Switch From Lotion To Seer Secrets Bath And Shower Oil Will Make You Fall In Love With The Way You Feel And The Way Your Skin Feels All Day Long.

Smoky Rose Geranium Hydrating Soy Milk Enzyme Body Cleanser 200 Ml.

  • The Essence Of Hydration In A Blissful Relaxing Effect Of Aromatherapy In Your Shower.
  • Smoky & Rosy Notes In A Formula Infused With Soy Milk Protein And Coconut Derivatives Stimulates The Mind & Spirit In A Blissful Shower Experience.

Silverated Lavender & Geranium Tranquility Facial Mist.

Our Silverated Lavender & Geranium Tranquillity Facial Mist Is A Perfect Step To Add Into Your Daily Skin Care Regimen. This Refreshing Mist Can Also Be Used Multiple Times Per Day As A Gentle Skin Refresher. It Is Made With 100% Natural Ingredients To Give You The Ultimate Skin Refreshing Treatment. Embrace The Best Nourishing Routine For Natural Beauty. Daily Application Will Ensure Exceptional Results. A Simple Spray Or Two Of Our Facial Essence Ensures That You Provide Your Skin With The Nutrients It Needs. Our Hydration Accelerator Tranquillity Facial Essence Is The Best Choice For Those Looking For An Effective And 100% All-Natural Skin Care.

Five Specie Mint Heat Absorbing Body Mist 100 Ml.

  • A Unique Blend Formulated With Five Species Of Mint For People On The Go.
  • It Is A Herbal Amalgam Infused With Five Prominent Mint Species Which Will Create A Calm, Serene Mental State Within Few Minutes.
  • The Aroma Is Magically Soothing & The Formula Has Heat Absorbing Properties. This Mist Helps Lower Body Temperature, Palpitations, Excessive Thirst, And Blood Pressure.
  • It Is An Excellent Way To Cut The Heat When You Are Sitting In Your Car While Travelling, Being Outdoor In The Sun & Wish To Protect Yourself From The Harsh Solar Energy Which Could Drain The Body Coolants.

Lemon Cypress Japanese Mint Active Silver Ion Deodorant Cream Tube.

  • This Formula Is Made By Taking Extra Rich Cream Base, Adding Zinc & Silver Extracts Embedded In Kaolin Clay And Mixing Them With The Essential Oils Of Lemon, Cypress & Japanese Mint.
  • Clay Absorbs Dirt & Silver Ions Rips Off The Outer Membrane Of Microbes Giving Freshness For Long Hours.
  • Cypress Works To Neutralize Body Odors While Lemon Helps Absorb Wetness. Underarm Care Is One Of Our Most Important Daily Routines And Using Our Health-Conscious Formula Will Complement To Your Natural Lifestyle.
  • This Formula Contains The Benefits Of Essential Oils Which Has The Benefits That May Cure Skin Itching, Treats Sun Burns, Absorbs Sweat And Is A Natural Deodorant.
  • Even A Light Application Gives Six Hours Of Deodorization.

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