MyBuddy – A Smart And Compact Lifesaving Device

With MyBuddy You Are Never Alone!

A smart and compact lifesaving device that guarantees your protection wherever you go! MyBuddy makes it simple, fast & comfortable to communicate an emergency to your loved ones, getting them to act in time.

Optisafe MyBuddy Distress Companion is the most Uncomplicated Design with no false SOS Alert – Most of the existing SOS Devices (Wearable form factors) have buttons that lead to accidental press leading to a false alarm. My Buddy has a patent-pending Pull tool which is simple, easy, and fault free. 

The plus point is that it doesn’t consist of any SIM slot – My Buddy does not need to be subscribed for us to operate it, which eventually minimizes any extra operating billing expenses. 

Charging & Battery service of My Buddy does not require any charging as it uses disposable coin cell batteries which are likely to last over 6 months. The companion App gives an alert of low battery once the battery strength falls to below 20%.

SMS Notification to SOS contact gives an immediate ringer alert. My Buddy trigger also RINGS the Mobile of the particular SOS contact, as most people don’t read the SMS notification in time.

Audio/Video Recording – My Buddy also triggers live Audio/Video recording for up to 3 minutes to all 3 SOS contacts once the SOS is triggered. This helps SOS contact with additional details on the emergency to react accordingly.

Etpsonline cares about their customer’s health and their safety, hence Etpsonline has this amazing product available at an ideal price for one to invest in and get buying so that it can be carefree wherever they are.
This product is very much essential for one in their day-to-day life, as certain, un-certain events show up uninvited, so Etpsonline cares about you and wants you to be prepared.

Pull To Activate.

Patented Pull Mechanism Makes It Easier & Spontaneous To Activate The Device And Send The Distress Signal.

Multi – Siren Device.

Activating The MyBuddy Sounds Off A Loud Distress Siren On The Device, Your Smartphone, And Your Pre-Defined Contacts Phones.

SOS Message & Location.

Activating The Device Also Sends An SOS Message To Three Predefined Contacts Along With Your Current Location.

SOS Message & Location.

Activating The Device Also Sends An SOS Message To Three Predefined Contacts Along With Your Current Location.

Audio/ Video Recording.

On Activation, The Device Triggers Audio/Video Recording On Your Smartphone And Sends It To All Your Pre-Defined Contacts.

Device Locator.

Use The On-Device Multi-Function Key To Locate Your Paired Smartphone & App To Locate The Device.

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