Here are ways to improve your body posture that affect your overall health.

Good body posture dictates good health; but aren’t you slouched over right now? How often were you chided as a child for not sitting upright? If you still haven’t received the message, here is how your posture can affect your overall health. Etpsonline helps you by keeping all posture-related problems at bay, fostering a healthier you.

The need for good posture

Incorrect posture can exaggerate your natural spinal shape, leading to an excess of physical discomforts and ailments. From altering your general physical appearance, to leading to spinal deformities, chronically bad posture can add major hindrances to your general and long term fitness.

As per a research conducted by the University of Leads, there is a link between bad posture and high blood pressure. The cells that send signals to your brain to maintain adequate blood supply ceases to function normally, due to prolonged poor posture. Excessive slouching can lead to bloating and accumulation of gas, which can compress lungs leading to respiratory issues.

Following are some things that will keep your body posture good

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The health benefits of a good posture

Maintaining good posture in a way that minimum strain is exerted on your joints and muscles is essential. The benefits of good posture are manifold

Better balance:

Young athletes can improve their performance by maintaining good posture. Likewise older people can lower the risk of falls by having good posture over time. A fitness tracker can come in handy to keep posture in check.

Low fatigue:

Unstressed muscles can be utilized with a lot more efficiency – thereby conserving the amount of energy spent. You can get more out of your daily routine by adhering to a keep your posture in check.

Fewer headaches:

Bad posture directly affects your neck leading to accumulation of tension in your head. Prolonged neck strain can lead to chronic headaches.

Improved circulation:

Slouching or slumping into your chair can lead to compression of your vital organs. The right posture aids in efficient blood flow to all essential organs and vessels. Avoid being lethargic by getting yourself the best smartwatch online. Complete with integrated sedentary alerts, the Noise ColorFit Pro 2 can aid in achieving proper, upright posture and curb sedentary habits.

Decreased injury:

Maintaining good posture can lower the risk of minor and major injuries alike. By easing stress from your ligaments, muscles, and joints; correct posture can prevent lumps of stress from building in your body.

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