Etpsonline launched sustainable ayurvedic brand Cave Ayurveda

About the founder: Shivam Tej Singla, a serial entrepreneur by profession, is the Founder and CEO of CAVE Ayurveda, which started with a vision to embrace people with natural herbs and incorporate their benefits and uses in one’s lifestyle.

Ms. Shiwani Latwal is a co-founder at CAVE Ayurveda, She is a Botanist and an expert in plant sciences. Being passionate about the Indian traditional system of Medicine, she devotes herself to doing complete product research and drafting their medicinal properties.

At CAVE, she educates people about the importance of herbs in their lives.
Mr. Puneet Mittal, an IIT graduate, and co-founder at CAVE Ayurveda are very much impressed with the benefits of Ayurved in one’s lifestyle.

He adapted natural herbs in his daily routine itself and now brings the Ayurveda into people’s lives.

About the company: Cave Ayurveda is a complete wellness brand operated under IIRIS Natural Sciences Pvt. Ltd.

which brings an ancient Indian science of Ayurveda and traditional knowledge of ethnobotanical practices from around the world to promote natural healing and the general wellbeing of an individual and make an overall contribution in transforming the lifestyle of people into a healthier one. We believe natural healing is more effective and beneficial with no side effects. 

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