Essential Protein-Rich Lentils And Pulses for Vegetarians

Try Organic, Stay Fit!

Nature – referred to as “mother nature” offering pure and honest love and care which holds this beautiful ecosystem, which is governed by a set of rules by nature. Lentils and Pulses are one such crop that ensures we build in the protein level in our body by consuming them.

These Rules consists of: 

  • growing the crops, 
  • turning the soil, 
  • refilling the micronutrients, 
  • and many more. 

Each of these rules is meant to ensure that we eat healthily, feel healthy, and stay healthy. 

As a growing online market place, It is our, Etpsonline’s responsibility to walk towards a healthier life and a more natural way of living. We moreover try to at least take care of our customer’s health by leading the way towards a healthier future for our kids by providing such organic goods. Including Lentils and Pulses, in our daily meal, the protein level in our body will thank us. The first step in that direction was that we adapted organic food. Organic food means that the most essential element, “Mother Earth”, has only consumed chemical-free and only natural elements to produce the food, which is a lot more natural, healthier, and tastier. Everything comes for a cost and hence expect a little more to pay from your regular food, but Etpsonline charges a very small fee to pay for the benefits that are not only limited to you but also you can pass on to your younger generation.

The products available on Etpsonline are sourced from the organic certified farms primarily. These products go through extensive quality checks and are stored in a temperature-controlled environment to reduce the risk of infestation and provide a quality product to our consumers. Lentils and Pulses are a major need in our diet these days hence Etpsonline has been very much considerate as an online marketplace. 

Lentils And Pulses

Chana Dal

  • Chana Dal Is High In Fiber And Helps To Lower Cholesterol.
  • It Also Has A Very Low Hypoglycemic Index, Which Is Important For Those With Diabetes.
  • Chana Dal Is A Helpful Source Of Zinc, Folate, Calcium, And Protein.
  • It Is Low In Fat And Most Of It Is Polyunsaturated.
  • It  Is Extremely Delicious In Taste, Full Of Nutritious And Can Be Digested Easily.
  • It Is Best To Soak These Lentils Overnight Or At Least For A Few Hours, So It Will Cook Faster.

Tur Dal

  • 100% Organic: Free From Chemicals, Pesticides, And GMO’s.
  •  Arhar Dal Forms An Integral Part Of The Indian Diet.
  • The Organic Farm Grown Pods Are De-Shelled And De-Husked After Natural Sun Drying.
  • Rich In Dietary Fiber.
  • Product Of India.
Lentils And Pulses

Urad Split Chhilka

  • Urad Split Chilka Have Been Split But Not Skinned And Have Creamy White Interior.
  • Black Urad Dal Is Very Delicious In Taste And Easy And Quick To Prepare.
  • Like Other Dals It Is Nutritious And High In Protein.
  • Urad Can Be Cooked In A Covered Pot Or Pressure Cooker, And Prepared With Onion, Ginger, Garlic And Spices.
Lentils And Pulses

Chickpea Kabuli

  • Chickpea Kabuli Is Cooked As A Delicacy During Festivals And Parties In India And Abroad.
  • Dried Chickpeas Can Be Roasted, Spiced, And Eaten As A Snack.
  • Whole  Chickpea Beans After Soaking In Water Overnight Can Be Cooked And The Curry Rich In Taste And Aroma Complements Well With Bread, Chapati, Roti, And Parathas.
  • Whole Chickpea Seeds After Soaking In Water Overnight Can Be Added To Salads, Soups, And Stews To Enhance The Taste.
  • Chickpea Is Low In Fat, High In Fiber, Protein, Minerals, Has Low Glycemic Index.

Chana Whole (Kala Chana)

  • These Are Brown Coloured Pulses.
  • It Is Rich In Proteins, Dietary Fibre And Low In Cholesterol And Saturated Fat.
  • The Beans Can Be Soaked In Water And Cooked Along With Vegetables In Preparation Of A Variety Of Curries That Complement Well With Rice, Roti, Chapattis, Puri, Kulcha As Well As Bread.
  • Chana Whole Is Rich In Potassium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, And Calcium. It Also Has Impressive Amounts Of Iron, Sodium, Selenium, And Small Amounts Of Copper, Zinc, And Manganese.

Rajma Jammu

  • 100% Organic: Free From Chemicals, Pesticides, And GMO’s.
  •  Rajma Jammu Are Small Red Kidney Beans Which Are Delicious And Cook Fast.
  • These Beans Are Famous All Over Himalayas And It’s Foothills For Their Aroma And Subtle Taste.
  • Rajma Jammu Comes Out Best When Soaked For About 4-5 Hours Prior To Cooking.
  • Product Of India.

Etpsonline is the most trusted website as we double-check the quality and the hygiene of these products our customers are willing to invest in. So come & visit our website and add these much-needed Lentils and Pulses into your cart. And for more such goods visit our website, as Etpsonline provides the best of the facilities which are used for processing efficiently. 

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