Essential Cleaning Products Every Home Must-Have

Good health does not come only from good personal hygiene, but also from keeping your surroundings clean. The environment you live in requires regular cleaning in order to protect the place from germ build-up, dust, grease, and more. Thus, it is extremely important that you pick the right kind of product to clean your house. Etpsonline is your one-stop destination when it comes to buying all the house essential cleaning products and all-purpose cleaners that you need. Be it your bathroom cleaner, dish cleaner, floor cleaner, or even the detergent for your fabrics, they can all be found on Etpsonline

We also have a smart solution to solve all your cleaning issues, our all-purpose cleaners. All-purpose cleaners are safe products that can be used on any surface without causing any corrosion. They are extremely easy to use and come in spray containers. Lizol disinfectant is one of the best surface cleaners that you can find while shopping online with us. There are also cleaners for specific usage such as utensil cleaner, floor liquid cleaner, and room cleaner. We only display high-grade product brands. Some of the best brands of Essential Cleaning Products that you can find on our online store.

Explore a variety of Essential Cleaning Products on our online store and order them right away. With our delivery system, you need not step out of your house for your monthly requirement of cleaners. Shopping online with us not only gives you a variety to choose from but also great deals to avail of. You can buy value packs on the detergents and benefit from an absolute value for money. Experience a germ-free, safe, and pleasant smelling home by choosing the right products from Etpsonline to clean your house.

Following are some of the cleaning products available on Etpsonline:

Terabyte Electric Blower

High-Quality Cleaner For You. The Cheston Blower 500W Is The Right Device To Help You Clean Dust From Your Computer, Electrical Gadgets, Kitchen Appliances And Other Devices Or Any Difficult Corner Of The House Where Cleaning With A Wet Mop Is Near To Impossible. The 500W Motor Blows Out High Volume Air That Helps You Clean All Dust And Dirt Effectively. Made Of High-Quality Material, The Cheston Blower Is Durable And Long Lasting. Variable Speed Control For Better Usage. With Variable Speed Control, You Can Modify The Amount Of Air You Need To Clean A Surface. Besides, The Lock-On Button Guarantees You A Lot More Convenience While Cleaning.

This Is Not A Vacuum Cleaner; Do Not Run The Machine For More Than 10 Minutes Continuously Or Keep On The Floor While Running.

ETPS 360 Spin Magic Mop With Bucket

Spin Mop Is Built From High Quality Precision Moulded Plastic And Super Strong Aluminium Alloy. The Mop Sports A Highly Absorbent Microfiber Swivel That Comes With An Extra Replacement Refill. Cleaning Floors Has Never Been Easier. Specifically Designed To Make Mopping Easier. Extra Large Wheels For Easy Movement And An Optimally Placed Drainage Knob For Improved Easy-Of-Use.

Harpic Bathroom Cleaner Lemon

For bathroom hygiene and freshness, the Harpic Disinfectant Bathroom Cleaner Liquid is an ideal cleaning product. This product impressively cleans on greasy surfaces, removes tough stains, and also, kills up to 99.9% of germs. This cleaner leaves a fresh fragrance in your clean bathroom.

Harpic Powerplus Toilet Cleaner

Harpic Power Plus Disinfectant Toilet Cleaner kills 99 % of germs and cleans the toilet. You can finally forget all the stubborn stains. Your toilet won’t smell bad anymore. A nice, soothing fragrance will surround you for a long time. Leave for 20 mins, Brush lightly & Flush for Sparkling clean, fresh

Denajee Home Saver Multi-Action Surface Cleaner

Essential Cleaning Products

Made To Use For All Types Of Surfaces Like Marbles, Tiles, Mosaics, Wooden Floor, Concrete Floor Etc. It Is A Powerful Unique Mild Formula, Thus Safe For Any Surfaces & Hands. It Has Neem Extracts & Other Anti Bacterial, Antimicrobial Active Which Kills 99% Germs & Bacterias On Floors.

Denajee Home Saver Complete Laundry Detergent

Essential Cleaning Products

Made To Use For All Types Of Clothes & Does Not Require Any Other Product Addition. It Is A Mild Specialized Water Saving Formula, Thus Safe For Hands & Clothes. • It Is Incorporated With Fabric Conditioner, Which Makes Clothes Soften. It Has Special Actives To Retain Natural Colour Of Clothes.

Denajee Home Saver Complete Bathroom Cleaner

Essential Cleaning Products

Concentrate Made To Use For All Items In Bathroom Like Plastics, Glasses, Tap, Washbasin, Wall Tiles, Floor Tiles & Marbles Etc. It Has Neem Extracts & Other Anti Bacterial, Antimicrobial Active Which Kills 99% Germs & Bacterias On All Items Surfaces. Provides Fresh Long Time Fragrance.

If surfaces aren’t dusted, and carpets aren’t vacuumed on a regular basis, it will result in a higher likelihood of allergies and illnesses. Cleanliness is also of vital importance in areas where food is prepared and consumed. Without proper cleaning, these areas are prone to dangerous bacterial growth.

Etpsonline tries to promote cleanliness as much as possible. Cleanliness keeps the environment pleasant.

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