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EMI Option available at Etpsonline starting from 12%

We all have aspirations in life. Be it buying the best DSLR camera to honing our passion for photography or that latest refrigerator we want our moms to own proudly in their kitchens. It goes without saying making big-ticket purchases takes planning and some commitment. With a bit of smart thinking, your elaborate shopping can now become manageable. EMI or equated monthly installment, as the name suggests, is one part of the equally divided monthly outgoings to clear off an outstanding loan within a stipulated time frame.

Etpsonline is one-of-a-kind and big purchases can now be accommodated in small budgets. You can get this offer valid on our website and have access to a shopping experience like you’ve never had before.

Etpsonline allows for buying substantially large expensive items with easy EMIs. It comes with a pre-defined credit limit like any other Credit Card and can be used to pay for big-ticket items and pay in easy installments, unlike a Credit Card.

There are several benefits to the EMI service at Etpsonline. Here they are:

  • Automatic EMI Conversion Feature:

Etpsonline here comes with a pre-approved credit limit up to which you can make purchases. The pre-approved limit can be used at stores without requiring any further approval from the bank. This makes your buying experience seamless.

Any purchase (excluding High budget phones and Jewellery transactions) of Rs.10000 is automatically converted to EMIs when you use your Card. This option reduces time and effort looking for alternative ways to fund your big expenses.

  • Minimum Documentation:

With our EMI service, you can just go ahead and own the product. Because there is no paperwork at all once you put in the card details!

If you’ve been holding off on a big purchase due to financial reasons, the EMI is your best bet to go ahead without burning a hole in your pocket.

  • Budget-friendly:

If you’re a college-going student, and you don’t have a high budget. Because certain commodities don’t fit under your budget, or your pocket money or your salary this EMI option is right for you.

  • Split your expenses:

If your expenses are split, as you’ve already bought certain goods that are still cutting from your finances. Then investing in one more EMI option for one more commodity won’t do any harm

Choices Etpsonline offers as EMI options, we tried to cover most of the banks

Apply now for an EMI option for a seamless buying experience.

One less thing to worry about.
Buy now, pay later.

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