A perfect blend of mouth care products to keep your teeth strong and maintained.

Did you know our teeth are the only part of the body that does not have the ability to repair itself? So, once it is ruined there is not going to be any regeneration of the teeth. Hence, it is best to follow these steps by Etpsonline that help you keep good oral hygiene and all kinds of teeth problems at bay. The first step towards oral hygiene is brushing your teeth twice daily. For this purpose, there is plenty of toothpaste available on Etpsonline. These Toothpaste are a few of the stalwarts that have long been seen as companies offering some of the best toothpaste in India and many people still swear by their efficacy. When it comes to toothpaste, there are a plethora of choices on Etpsonline, right from the regular fluoride toothpaste and gel fresh toothpaste to the natural toothpaste and especially herbal toothpaste. Apart from these, Etpsonline also has the ones used for gum protection, teeth whitening toothpaste, and sensitive toothpaste. So, just select the one that you need and include it in your daily oral hygiene routine for stronger and whiter teeth. 

Teeth sensitivity is one of the most common teeth problems in adults, thankfully these toothpaste available on Etpsonline are really effective that help to counter this problem. These toothpaste have since long held the mantle of being the best toothpaste for sensitive teeth. Even our lifestyle choices lead to several teeth problems, like teeth yellowing for one. Smoking, coffee, colas, chewing tobacco are the chief culprits behind it. Nevertheless, there are quite a few teeth whitening toothpaste that would help you in getting back your pearly white smile. Don’t you worry Etpsonline is a savior! For people who prefer more natural and herbal oral care products. These numerous herbal and Ayurveda toothpaste cater to their needs. Some of the best ayurvedic toothpaste or best natural toothpaste in India are made available on our website.

Etpsonline has even several choices available for people who prefer organic and vegan toothpaste. A more natural product like these is a typical example of such organic and natural toothpaste. With such a huge variety of toothpaste available in the market, sometimes it gets difficult to find them all at one store. Luckily, Etpsonline offers its customers a wide array of the best toothpaste for teeth, and best toothbrushes in India along with other oral hygiene products like mouthwashes, dental flosses, and tongue cleaners. So, now you don’t have to scour the market for oral care products. Just visit our oral hygiene page and browse through the innumerable oral care products available and buy toothpaste or your choice of oral product from Etpsonline and have it easily delivered to you.

Sudanta Gel Toothpaste. With Charcoal & Salt. SLS Free. Non – Fluoride – 100% Vegetarian, 100g.

Key Benefits

  • It Provides Complete Oral Care, It Prevents Gum And Tooth Diseases.
  • It Is Effective For Toothache, Dental Caries, Bleeding Gums, Tooth Decay, Toothache, And Bad Breath.
  • Contains Completely Natural Ingredients.

How To Use

  • Apply A Dab Of Toothpaste On A Brush.
  • Rub Gently Over Your Gums And Teeth For 1-2 Minutes.
Teeth care

Dantsafa Toothpaste.

  • Protective.
  • Corrective.
  • Curative.
Teeth care

Vedankur Vedodent Toothpaste.

Protect Against Bleeding Gums And Strengthens Teeth And Gums. Provides Relief From Toothache Or Eliminates Bad Breath. Antibacterial Properties Make It Nature’s Most Effective Germ Fighter.

Teeth care

Meghdoot Dantusha Dental Powder (Dant Manjan) 100gm (Pack Of 2).

  • Meghdoot Dantusha Dental Powder (Dant Manjan) 100gm (Pack Of 2) Useful In Swollen And Bleeding Gums.
  • Helps In Treating Pyorrhea.
  • Helps In Reducing Bad Odour.
  • Meghdoot Dantusha Manjan Is An Ayurvedic Dental Cleaner Which Helps In Maintaining Healthy And Sparkling White Teeth. Formulated With Natural Herbs Like Majuphal, Samudra Phane, Ajmoda, Samudri Namak, And Neem, It Is Also Useful In Curing Oral Problems Such As Bleeding Gums, Bad Breath And Pyorrhea.
Teeth care

Sudanta Tooth Drops – Dental, 10ml

How To Use:

  • Direction For Use: Apply 1-2 Drops To A Cotton Swab And Apply On The Affected Area Or As Directed By The Physician. Shake Well Before Use.
  • Store In A Dry Place At Room Temperature. Away From Direct Sunlight. Do Not Refrigerate.
Teeth care

Mouth Freshener – For Long Lasting Freshness, 15ml

Key Benefits:

  • Is A Sugar-Free Formulation That Keeps Breathing Fresh For A Longer Time.
  • Fight Against The Bad Breath Causing Bacteria.
  • Gives A Blast Of Freshness In The Mouth.

How To Use:

  • Shake Well Before Use, Spray Sri Sri Tattva Mouth Freshener Directly Into The Mouth And Experience The Fresh And Cool Breath.
  • Store In A Dry Place At Room Temperature. Away From Direct Sunlight. Do Not Refrigerate.

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