7 Best Must-Have Affordable Car Accessories

Driving is an Emotion, Accessories Add Comfort!

When heading out, most of us have the habit of checking if we have remembered to carry along all the essentials like phone, car keys, and wallet before locking the main door. Today, this habit has extended to the car as well, for before starting the car, we all check if the car essentials and accessories are in place. Your car is no longer just a vehicle that takes you from one place to another, and these 7 Best Must-Have Affordable Car Accessories available on ETPS make sure that the very experience of the commute, be it a road trip or just the seemingly uneventful drive to work- becomes a lot more pleasant.

etpsonline provides a wide range of car accessories that you need to lay your hands on. 

These 7 Best Must-Have Affordable Car Accessories play an important role in enhancing the looks as well as upgrading your vehicle. These accessories are important in improving a car’s ability and also help in the long term maintenance of the vehicle. Each car accessory has a different role to play. Each car accessory is as important as it is meant to be.
Let’s examine their role now :

Bright Car Charger Adapter (B2B)

  • Car Charger Is Small In Size And Made Of Lightweight Durable Material To Provide An Amazing & Fast Charging Experience To You
  • Dual Output – Two USB Ports Powerful Enough To Charge Even The Largest And Most Power-Demanding Devices
  • Safety – Automatically Adjusts The Voltage Received From The Vehicle So Your Device Always Charges At A Constant Rate
  • Compatible With All Charging Devices. I.E Apple, Micro USB, And Type C Powered Devices.


7 Best Must-Have Affordable Car Accessories

Are You Looking For A Uniquely Designed Device That Would Let You Connect To The Stereo Receiver Of Your Car Without The Help Of A Bluetooth? 

Simply Opt For The Wireless 3.5mm Car Bluetooth Music Receiver With MIC Stereo Output Because It Would Let You Do Exactly What You Want. The Most Interesting Part Of This Exclusively Created Gadget Is That It Can Be Easily Connected Without A Cable And One Can Even Listen To Music From One’s Mobile Phone, Laptop, And even your iPod. 

Godrej Aer Fresh Lush Green Click Gel Car Fragrance Freshener Perfume Car Freshener

7 Best Must-Have Affordable Car Accessories

The modular design of Godrej Aer click enables you to simply replace the refill pack, whenever you need to, ensuring savings with every refill. Godrej Aer click is a designer car air freshener that’s as practical as it’s thoughtful, as good-looking as it’s fragrant and as long-lasting as it’s easy to use. The easy click mechanism of this car fragrance is designed to make sure your car is fragrant, whenever you want it to be. Godrej Aer clicks refill pack comes in 6 different fragrances.

Bright Mobile Car Holder (B2B)

  • No Glue Suction Cup Windshield Holder Can Last in Hot Summer. Note: It can’t be used on the car dashboard. The non-sticky suction cup can suck to windshield/glass sturdily as a sticky one does. What’s more, it will work in hot weather, because its suction will last in high temperature while the sticky suction cup may lose the stickiness and stop working.
  • Compatible with Large Phones in Thick/Irregular Protective Case. The clamp can hold phones up to 3.5″ IN WIDTH and is deep enough to fit almost all phone cases including a wallet phone case, phone case with attached ring, Loopy case.

Wake Up Road Safety Drivers Alarm ( For Driver Safety No sleep Is The Best Choice )

Wake-up Alarmer for road safety. For driver safety, No sleep is the best choice. Keep Drivers awake.

Usage Direction: 

  • Wear it on the right ear properly as illustrated.
  • Turn on the switch.
  • Examine whether it is in normal operation: it beeps when you are leaning your head forward and makes no sound while sitting straight, it is at normal stare.
  • Please turn off the switch when you do not use it.
  • Keep it away from high temperature and dampness.

CAR BED Inflatable Car Air Mattress With Pump (Portable) Travel, Camping, Vacation

  • Durable Inflate Mattress, Provide A Soft And Comfortable Texture Feeling
  • The Inflatable Bed And Base Are Divided Into 2 Parts, You Can Use Separately As Needed
  • With An Electric Pump, Can Be Fully Inflated Within Only a Few Minutes; Also Can Be Folded Easily To Carry
  • Strong Enough To Support Up To 300lbs Weight; Overall Dimension(LxWxH): 54-5/16″X33″X18″
  • Suitable For Travel, Outdoor Activities, Camping And So On
  • Back Seat Blow-Up Sleeping Pad, Hatchback, Sedan, SUV, Minivan (Beige, Base + Bed)

SF SONIC 144O 35L | Exide SF Sonic Flash Start FS1440-35L Battery

  • Superior Starting Power
  • Company Warranty 24+24 Months
  • Factory Charged Battery
  • Suitable For Almost All Cars

These are some of the most required equipment that makes your drive easy. Having these 7 Best Must-Have Affordable Car accessories ensures that your car is more organized, and you can concentrate on driving with minimal distractions, making it more enjoyable.

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