100% Original Rudraksha Beads You Will Love

Rudraksha That Makes Your Life More Fruitful!

Rudraksha has tremendous energy & power. It is best known for its biomedical properties & in controlling stress, hypertension & blood pressure. Etpsonline cares for its customers and health is their main priority, hence Etpsonline has a certain necessary collection for their devotional customers.

It can nullify the effects of malefic planets to a great extent. Shastras say rudraksha of any Mukhi can never do any harm to the wearer. No other necklace or bead is as auspicious & powerful as a rudraksha.

According To Padma Puran, A Man Obtains A Lakh Fold Merit By Seeing A Rudraksha Bead, A Crore Fold Merit By Touching It And Ten Crores Of Merit By Wearing It On His Body. Even If Who Does Not Engage Himself In Meditation Holds A Gauri-Shankar Rudraksha On His Body, He Becomes Free From All Sins And Obtains The Top Position.

Wearing this Mala Opens The Blocked Chakras And Keeps It Balanced To Reduce Ailments Like Fear, Anger, Inferiority Complex, Sexual Issues. Health Issues Like Back Pain, Lack Of Energy, Kidney Problems Are Reduced. It Awakens, Stabilizes, And Balances All The Chakras And Strengthens The Immune System And Is Helpful For Skin And Stomach Related Issues. Wearing a Rudraksha Mala Awakens The Ajna Chakra So That The Wearer Can Envision The Future Events By Intuitive Powers. Hence, All The Decisions Of The Wearer Becomes Right And Hence He Can Free Himself From All The Problems, Obstacles, Miseries And Worries.

14 Mukhi Rudraksha Pendant With Lord Shiva Mahamrityunjaya Mantra With Natural Gold And Diamond

This 14 Mukhi Nepali Rudraksha Pendant Has Fourteen Natural Stripes (Mukhas) On Its Surface. This Rudraksha Is Also Recognized As A Divine Gem (Dev Mani). This Rudraksha Is Believed To Have Come Directly From The Eyes Of Lord Shiva Who Himself Wears This Bead. This Rudraksha Activates The Ajna Chakra Located On The Forehead, Exactly Between The Two Eyebrows Thereby Giving The Wearer An Ability To Visualize The Future And Enabling To Make Correct Decisions. The Wearer Of This Is Gifted With Blessings Of Both The Shiva And The Shakti. Not Only His Present Becomes Better But His Future Also Becomes Promising. This Starts Giving Its Results Immediately And Hence The Name Dev Mani.

10 Mukhi Rudraksha Mala For Unisex (108 Beads)


The 10 Mukhi Mala Has A Total Of 108 + 1 Meru Beads.  The Wearer Of The 10 Mukhi Mala Is Protected From All Negative Energies, Black Magic And Evil Eye. As Mentioned In Vedic Astrology, It Eliminates The Malefic Effects Of All 9 Planets. It Is Also Beneficial To Correct The Vastu Of The House Or Office. It Is Effective To Overcome Adversaries And Legal Disputes.

It Awakens, Stabilizes And Balances All The Chakras And Strengthens The Immune System And Is Helpful For Skin And Stomach Related Issues.

The Mala Has Beads Strung In Thread In Traditional Style With A Tassel And Can Be Worn Around The Neck.

2 Mukhi Rudraksha Mala For Unisex (73 Beads)

It Has A Very Special Place Among Rudraksha As It Has Shiv And Shakti Together – Represents The Power Of Man And Female In A Single Combination.

Two Mukhi Rudraksha Mala Effectively Control The Malefic Effects Of Moon. It Symbolizes The Energy Of Togetherness, Harmony, And Unity. It Improves Decision Making Ability Of Wearer And Can Ensure A Blessed Married Life With Prosperity And Love. Not Only For A Happy Married Life, but This Mala also Provides The Wearer With A Happy And Fruitful Relationship With Friends, Relatives, Or Colleagues. It Fulfills All The Social Needs Of Human Beings And Provides Him Status And Respect In The Society.

100% Original Nepali 10 Mukhi Gauri Shankar Rudraksha VEGGA Gems Certified 23mm

Gauri-Shankar Rudraksha Is The Two Beads On Top Of Each Other Connected Naturally, It Is Instead Of Lord Shiva And Goddess Parvati. Two Naturally Joined Rudraksha Called Gauri-Shankar Is Regarded As The Combined Form Of Lord Shiva And Goddess Parvati. It Makes The Husband And Wife Identify Each Other. Therefore It Is Regarded As The Best Thing For Peace And Comfort In The Family. If A Man Worship Gauri-Shankar Rudraksha At His Worshipping Place, The Pain And Suffering And Other Earthly Obstacles Are Destroyed And The Peace And Pleasure Of Family Are Increased.

13 Mukhi Indonesia Rudraksha Bead


Thirteen Mukhi Rudraksha Beads Represents Lord Indra, The King Of Devtas. Wearers Can Enjoy All The Earthly Pleasures And Comforts At His Disposal. This Rudraksha (Rudraksha) Is Also Rare And Difficult To Get But Has Immense Power. It Helps Attain Moksha. Thirteen Mukhi Is Often Used To Increase Attractiveness And Have Hypnotic Influences On Others, Who Are Smitten With Your Charms. It Also Helps Attain A Sound Mind And Body And Enjoy The Various Luxuries Of Life.

Hence Etpsonline has a variety of collections of these Mala for those, who are sinners or who indulge in evil acts so that they become free from sins if they wear this. As Etpsonline thinks and cares about their customers.

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